Radja vs korexus (skirmish): Turn 1

Turn # 1

Radja takes 20, takes 7, takes 1,
korexus takes 5, attacks 1 but fails,

OOP for next Turn is: Radja, korexus

korexus: Ouch.
korexus: Ok, we can pick this up again. I had a terrible turn 1 though, so might not give you much of a game!
Radja: heh, saw it was still open, might as well finish ;)
korexus: It was a good dodge, but I might not be able to string this one out much further...
PlayerNameScoreStarting ProvinceStatusReady
1 Radja 506 18 OK
2 korexus 254 13 OK

OOP for next Turn is: 1 2